A Very Versatile Material

Polymers are now used in a very wide variety of products. There is constant research and development going on in this field. New applications are being found. Combinations of different polymers allow for a wider use of these materials as new and interesting properties are being discovered. Custom compounds and concentrates can be developed and are used across a wide variety of products. These include battery, wire and cable, footwear and automotive applications. Polymers are used extensively in both commercial and industrial polymer plastic products.

polymer plastic products

There is a need for any specialist company producing polymer plastic products to invest heavily in R&D. There should also be a thorougher knowledge of each industry and sector that uses these products. This is a polymer plastic products company that is registered and recognized by ISO 9001:2008.

Expandable tpe and oil resistance:

Looking now specifically at TPE plastics. These are thermoplastic elastomers. They can also be thought of as thermoplastic rubbers. Therefore, expandable tpe plastic pellets have a number of good properties.

These include flexibility. They operate well at low temperatures, their “brittle point” being between -50c and -53c.. Different compounds can be formulated. An expandable PVC/Nitrile oil resistant compound is excellent when used with footwear. There are a number of variations which can be applied to footwear. There can be good slip and abrasion resistance added if boots are the final outcome. There can be added resistance to petrochemicals, such as oil and gas along with chemicals. These result from using a compound of oil resistant tpe plastic pellets.


Flexibility is also an important feature. Another variation for using TPE plastic pellets are applications that can be used to protect wires and cables. A compound which uses flexible tpe plastic pellets is ideal for this application. Specifically, this could be “TufPrene” EXC-11-016 405 Black. This is an elastomer that is designed to be used with cable and wire products. This can operate up to a temperature of 105c. This is an extrusion grade material that can be produced using injection molding. Check at S&E Specialty Polymers

A variation of this is the “TufPrene” EXC-12-00375A natural color. This can work at a slightly higher temperature of 125c. Both products work well at low temperatures.

General Applications

TPE polymers can also be used in wind turbines and can also be applied to robotic applications. This is because of the material’s inherent flexibility and the range of temperatures it can operate within. Around 40% of all TPE products are used now in vehicle manufacturing. The material’s versatility is shown by the use of TPE’s in snow mobile tracks. They are both stiff and abrasion resistant. Again, they can operate in very low temperatures, and not become brittle. They are now used in medical catheters where a combination of different elements can be used to produce a softer material. They can be found in a variety of medical applications and also “sex” toys.

Advantages of using TPE polymers

In theory these are thermal plastics in as much that they may be able to be recycled and reused. They can be extruded and molded like other plastics. They are also like a rubber or a thermoset plastic.

The range and use of TPE polymers are constantly expanding with new combinations and developments. This polymer type is a very versatile modern material.