6 Steps to Choosing a Caterer in Melbourne

Do you have a major event or party coming up? Whatever type of party that is, food is an integral part of the preparation. Finding the best catering Melbourne has to offer is easier said than done. With so many options, it can be difficult to discern which one is better than the other.
Use this 6-step guide to be able to identify the best catering Melbourne service for your event:
Step 1: Ask for a Recommendation from Trusted Sources
Advertising is a good way to identify which caterers are servicing the Melbourne area. But when it comes to choosing a caterer to hire for your event, choose only ones that your friends or family members can highly recommend. It is important to emphasise the fact that you should seek recommendation only from those whose opinion you trust. You should also consider their motives – make sure that they have your best interest in mind.
Step 2: Do a Taste Test
The best Melbourne catering service providers should be open to schedule a tasting with their clients. This is a good opportunity for you to assess the quality of food that is served before the big event. In most cases, clients take advantage of the tasting to sample the menu that is created for the event.
Step 3: Consider Their Specialty
There are different types of caterers Melbourne has today and they mostly differ in terms of the specialty. For instance, there are caterers that specialize in weddings. If you are planning a wedding, choose a caterer that has plenty of experience with weddings. There are also service providers for function catering Melbourne has today that cater to various occasions. You should not dismiss them simply because they do not cater to a specific event. Make sure you look at both the big and small picture.
Step 4: Get Referrals
Do your research about the caterer. What recent events have they catered? If you can, get the contact information of those individuals or companies that they have recently catered. Take time to ask them questions about the food, quality of service and other types of feedback. Use that information in determining whether the caterer is a good fit for your needs. You should heed both good and bad reviews.
Step 5: Food Safety Should Come First
Catering a big event is no easy task. The catering company will be tasked to prepare food for up to 500 people. Hence, some caterers will cut corners and opt to use frozen food products. Frozen food is inferior in quality to fresh ingredients. At the same time, the spoilage rate is higher with the former. If you want to enjoy the highest quality food at the event, you should opt for fresh ingredients over frozen products.
Step 6: Get a Quote
With a menu plan and an estimate of the number of guests, it is important to ask the caterer to provide you with a quotation. The quote will enable you to decide on the ideal package for the event and if it is within your budget. What good is finding a caterer that you like when you cannot afford their services? Check at Essential Caterer
Consider these six tips when you are looking for the best catering Melbourne has to offer to prepare food for your big event. You may visit http://www.essentialcaterer.com.au for more information on catering services for parties and special occasions.